Kitchen Design

Goodlife Kitchens can support you through all stages of kitchen design and remodeling. The level of our involvement in the process is entirely up to you to decide, we can be on hand to help through the more difficult stages of the process or you can step aside and let us handle the entire project, with just your oversight.

The various stages of kitchen design can be outlined as follows –

kitchen design process explainedDetermine the theme / style of your new kitchen

We can help you with ideas to visualize the perfect theme for your new kitchen.  Use our website, download our 165 page planning and installation guide, take inspiration from the many styles we have here and on the Kraftmaid company website, then once you have your preferred option(s) we can help you determine if it’s going to be a good physical fit for your space.

Project Plan

We can walk you through the project planning process in a few basic steps. Taking the time to plan your new kitchen layout properly will save you time, stress and money and enable you to make the right choices to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your new kitchen design.

How to Plan


The main steps of the planning process include:

  1. Scoping the project
  2. Product Selection – cabinets, counter tops.
  3. Design Options – placement, restrictions, functional layout
  4. Professional Services – organizing the project to work alongside your professional design partner

Scoping the Project

In most situations a kitchen remodel can be broken down into two main types of project:

  • Remove and replace entire kitchen, cabinets counter tops etc
  • Remodel existing space

In most cases when we embark on a “remove and replace” project, there isn’t a need for any major modifications to the basic kitchen layout. We work around existing layout constraints such as door positions, services, walls/windows etc. We remove the old cabinets, counter tops etc and install new ones in their place. For the typical kitchen, this involves flooring, cabinets, counter tops, some or all appliances, sinks, faucets and often lighting. The project may extend to painting/decorating the space to fully compliment the chosen kitchen style.

Alternatively, you may decide that the functional requirements of your kitchen cannot be met with the existing space configuration. A ‘remodel’ project might be needed for you to realize the full goals of your new kitchen design. Kitchen remodeling projects obviously come in all shapes and sizes, they can include removing walls, reworking floors, moving/adding services (water, gas, electric outlets and drainage) and even reworking ceilings to accommodate new lighting and ventilation configurations. [Buying kitchen cabinets – information on cabinet design options]

So it’s important for you to establish the scope of the new kitchen project and to ensure that what you want to accomplish is within your budget. Goodlife Kitchens can work with you through this important first stage.

Product Selection

We recommend that you reach out to a design professional to help in your selection of products. Cabinets, counter tops, trims, appliances, lighting – all of these selection options benefit from the experience of having been there before. There are many details which can be overlooked, some of which could lead to the overall vision of your kitchen becoming misaligned with what is practically possible.

In most cases, the driving force behind product selection will be budgetary constraints. We can help you identify areas where you can cut back without negatively impacting the overall project, and allowing you to remain within budget.

For the most part, the largest capital outlay will be in the new cabinets. With some manufacturers of kitchen cabinets you may find yourself inadvertently pushed into a level of cabinet customization which you hadn’t envisaged or planned for. With Kraftmaid’s semi-custom approach to cabinet construction and sizing, we find very few instances where expensive customization becomes necessary.

Design Options

So you’ve worked out the functional constraints, you have a theme and have made your preliminary product selection, now you need to work out whether your planned approach will physically work in the space you have. You should almost certainly consider involving a professional at this key stage. Right now you haven’t committed to purchasing anything but you’re at a point close to making the final buying decisions. We can help you determine that your selections are going to be compatible with your room layout and your overall goals.

professional kitchen installation contractorsProfessional Services

There are many components to a kitchen remodel and various different trades and skilled craftsmen will be involved. Carpenters, flooring, plumbing, electrical, heating/ventilation etc. Are you comfortable bringing all of these craftsmen together at the right time, to ensure a timely, professional conclusion to your project, within budget? Employing Goodlife Kitchens to manage this crucial element can help you avoid any potential disasters. We plan the entire operation meticulously and ensure all tasks are completed sequentially as needed to complete the job on time and within budget.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on your kitchen project. Our design/planning services can often come at no cost, or very low cost, when you place your order for Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets through us. And, we’ll beat any price you’ve been quoted on Kraftmaid cabinets elsewhere. Visit our quote page and let us put our expertise to work for you! Or use the button below to download our Free planning guide and receive a 5% discount on your counter tops.

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