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Kitchen Design Guide

We want your kitchen remodel to go as smoothly as possible. Whether you intend to use our professional design services or DIY, it is important that you have accurate measurements and a sketched layout of your kitchen plan.

Although the measurement process is a relatively easy task, we strongly urge you to consider involving a professional kitchen installer / contractor in taking/checking measurements before ordering your kitchen cabinets (KraftMaid or Merillat) from us. Problem areas like off-level floors, out of square walls, corners with irregular angles etc, can cause problems for novices and professionals alike. So if you need to locate a kitchen contractor, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Basic Guide to Measuring your Kitchen:

1 – Draw a sketch of your kitchen, preferably on lined or graph paper. This will help you with scale and make it easier to create your sketch.
2 – Measure each wall beginning at the left corner, to the far right corner. Write down the total measurements in inches. Include all walls in this sketch, regardless of whether they will hold cabinets or not.
3 – Measure from the left corner edge of any opening such as a window or door.
4 – Measure across each opening from the outside edge of the trim, to the outside edge of the trim. Measure that trim edge to the far wall, then go back and total the measurements from steps 3, 4 and 5. If all is well they should equal the measurement in step 2.
5 – Mark on your sketch the center and width of the sink, water & gas lines, wall switches, power outlets and any other obstruction in the room.
Be sure to locate all services, some service positions such as water and electric cables may not be obvious!
6 – Measure from the floor to the bottom of your window trim and from the edge of the top trim to the ceiling.
7 – Measure from the top of the window to the ceiling and mark this on your plan.
8 – Measure from the floor to the ceiling. Then, total the measurements from steps 7, 8 and 9 – they should equal this measurement. measure ceiling height from the highest point of the floor to the lowest point of the ceiling.
9 – Indicate on your plan how each door is hinged, mark L for left R right.
10 – Measure all other walls in your kitchen following all steps 2 through 12, regardless of whether you are fitting cabinets to them. We need this information to work out an accurate plan or ‘design’ proposal for your kitchen.
11 – Measure all appliances – refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, sink etc. If possible, provide us with a specification for all appliances to be used.
12 – Have your kitchen contractor / Installer verify your measurements.

Please remember that we can provide you with a complete design and installation service, and supply you with the best quality cabinets at an affordable price. If you would like us to quote for your kitchen project, please contact us here.

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