At GoodLife Kitchens we always work hard to provide a quality service and meet or exceed our customer expectations.

We have received many letters of praise, a few of which are provided here:

Bob Kramer Oakland CA
As well as great designs and top Quality cabinets they were able to advise us on every aspect of our re-model. Kitchen superstore meant we could find everything we needed  without leaving home!. Your Find-A-Pro gave us a choice of quality Professionals in our Local Area…. Genuinely is the complete service, Thanks!
June Taylor San Francisco CA
GoodLife made our dream kitchen a reality without the hassles you always hear about….
Alexandra E. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – We have spent the past year checking out nearly every cabinet place in the Bay Area, and Dermot at Goodlife Kitchens is the absolute best, hands down, in service, pricing, quality, and quickness.  Save yourself the time and call Dermot first. SERVICE: Dermot at Goodlife Kitchens is a shining example of fantastic service, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Goodlife is far more knowledgeable about the features, what works, and what doesn’t than other vendors. They are SUPER QUICK too, and turned a quote and mock-up of our kitchen design around for us in just one day (unreal!). Furthermore, Goodlife is the only cabinet company that gave us an option within our budget – aka. GOODLIFE LISTENS! PRICING: As if that wasn’t good enough, Dermot’s prices are the best around, and believe me, we did our research. in fact, I dare you to find a better price! You’ll just waste a lot of time. The pricing on Goodlife’s kraftmaid cabinets beat out other competitors like Quality Kitchen Cabinets, and Home Depot by a landslide. His prices on these high quality cabinets were even comparable with import companies in the Avenues who sell very poor quality cabinets with no guarantee as to quality and durability, and have terrible customer service. We gave Goodlife our budget, and Dermot came back with two options without us even asking- one that fit our tight budget but was missing a few bells and whistles, and one that was a slightly beyond our budget but had some great extras. CAPABILITY: Goodlife was spot on in fitting our dimensions and addressing the odd shape of our kitchen, and recommending great solutions for fillers, spacing, layout, and organization that other cabinet companies hadn’t even thought of.
Philip L. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – best price for kraftmaid cabinets in town.  shopped around several shops and Dermott gave me the best price.  great service also as he delivered the cabinets to my house without charge.  will do business with Goodlife Kitchen again.

thanks goodlife kitchen

Bob R. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – I started working with Dermot at Goodlife Kitchens two years ago when we bought this place. After several false starts, we completed the project this year.

Each time, Dermot was patient in taking us through all of the options, explaining the pros and cons thoughtfully. He sent us drawings and estimates, no fuss, no pressure. He’s a funny guy to boot, so it’s a pleasure to work with him. Dermot took care of all of the details. The carpentry and cabinets are perfect, exceeding even our wildest expectations. His tile guy was amazing, taking ordinary tile and making it into something truly special. The counters and floors are exceptional. The entire time, Dermot was great at letting us know what was happening. In the end, the prices were reasonable and we feel like we got a new kitchen for a steal. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

Thanks Goodlife Kitchens!

Fiona W. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – I got a kitchen from this guy over 5 years ago and when I asked him recently about bumpers/stoppers for my cabinets(I had lost them) he called into my house with a bag of them. Now my cabinets are soft close again and banging them has way less dramatic effect! Tell me if you have a home depot/lowes guy call in to your house and remember your kids name to boot. As a Nopa Mama with kids in the local school it is nice to walk by his shop and kids always get a wave and a tickle. Support your local biz,huge corporations or this guy? He is so cheery and the follow through is unique.Also waaay cheaper then the big guys which was my motivation to buy my kitchen through him in the first place.It still looks great(I am a foodie and hard on my K) but what I remember about his shop was he asked are you a baker or a cook? What do you cook?Still I think about the guidance I got and how my dream kitchen is v. productive cos he asked the right q.”s. I t would be silly not to get one of your quotes from him. Thanks goodlife kitchens.
Otto W. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – This is a great place to buy quality cabinets. I went with a Home Depot quote for a custom entertainment center after reading all the excellent reviews and found like the others that Dermot beats the HD price by a good margin, plus it appears you get better features and support because he is an official distributor. He is also very knowledgeable (great if you install the cabinets yourself) and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a kitchen remodel or custom cabinetry.
Joseph S. San Francisco CA
5-Star Review from Yelp.com – Goodlife does it right. He is very budget friendly. How many times have you spoken to a salesperson and instead of pressuring you to buy, they tell you to go check out his competitors?

My dealings with him were honest, and he actually advised me against some cabinet features that others tried to sell me. When I took his advice and went to Home Depot for a quote and went back to him, I was surprised how much I was able to save. Never thought I’d get a local merchant able to beat the hated big box behemoth! What was even nicer was his attention to detail: I was on a budget and he knew it, and while my wife and I were deliberating over to glaze or not to glaze, he gave me a phone call telling me there was a promotion that was running and saved me even more money.

Thanks Goodlife!