Kitchen Cabinet / Under-cabinet Lighting

One of the issues that crop up from time to time when working on a new kitchen project is that of lighting, particularly under-cabinet lighting arrangements. In most cases the under-cabinet lights serve a dual purpose, they serve the functional purpose of illuminating the counter tops for work duties, but also serve to give the kitchen area a special ambiance when not in use.
Under-cabinet kitchen lightsIn that way it makes a good deal of sense to install lights under kitchen cabinets with a two-position switch, allowing a reduction in light output when food preparation is not taking place.
Lights should ideally be installed by a qualified electrician, but in some cases it’s not that difficult to install your own.
You can often do this easily using a power cord fitted with a plug, and a standard or switched wall outlet. More modern kitchen cabinet installations will have provision for lighting under-cabinets, even if the lighting wasn’t installed at the time the cabinets were installed.
Most lights for under-cabinet use come with some form of mounting template and can be fitted with ease to any wooden cabinet structure. Ideally the actual light fitting should not be visible, so a wooden light rail may need to be installed to hide the fixtures.
Cords can be held in place by simple clips, and were the cord runs to a wall outlet, a wall cord cover can be used to hide exposed cabling.Fluorescent kitchen cabinet lights for under cabinets
In most cases fluorescent lights are used, but where dual output features are required then Xenon lights or even LED tape lights can be used.
Task lighting can set your kitchen installation off, adding an exciting and functional element to any new kitchen.