Kitchen cabinets in San Francisco

Goodlife Kitchens are the San Francisco areas premier supplier of quality kitchen cabinets. With over 30 years of experience in kitchen cabinet supply, kitchen design and installation, we can promise you a full commitment to making your kitchen remodeling project a success.
There are a number of options for the suppliers of kitchen cabinets in San Francisco, several of whom offer KraftMaid cabinets along with others. At Goodlife, we specialize in KraftMaid. Why? Because we firmly believe they offer our customers the best value for their hard-earned money.
As an installation contractor there are important aspects of the cabinet design we look for that the typical consumer wouldn’t ordinarily see. For example, can we obtain cabinets in a wide range of incremental sizes? This is important for the customer as it minimizes the need for in-field customization and therefore reduces cost.
What about hinge design? It’s important that the cabinet accessories are of the highest quality. With KraftMaid, we find their Whisper Touch hinges to be the best available. They’re durable, allow for easy open/close operation of cabinet doors, and work silently and reliably for many, many years. They’re infinitely adjustable for perfect fitting doors without the need for ongoing adjustments.
There are many more design parameters which go to make KM our first choice and the choice of our customers.
The San Francisco market is an interesting place to service. Many of the homes in the Bay area are older and were built at a time when the popular open-plan kitchen concept hadn’t really taken off. So often times we’re contracted to undertake fairly significant remodels which involve opening up the kitchen space into the dining room or even the adjacent living room area. With this type of project our kitchen design experience comes into play. It’s important to establish the ideal layout and ‘flow’ for your kitchen, and when you’re expanding into a larger footprint it’s the perfect opportunity to do just that.
And of course we’re flexible too. Whether you simply need the best price on home-delivery kitchen cabinets in San Francisco Bay area, or you need a comprehensive design and installation service within the SF City limits, Goodlife Kitchens can provide you exactly what you need at the best price available.

And we’re not some faceless Internet Business, we’re on-hand to answer your calls and take your inquiries over the phone throughout the day. If you see our ‘Live Help’ operator is ‘available’ (the icon on the right of this page), you can use the Live Help or just pickup the phone and call us at 415 771 8590 and your call will be taken directly by our kitchen design and planning expert. [learn more about kitchen cabinets and styling considerations]
If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, looking for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, call us today!