Goodlife Kitchens are authorized dealers for Kraftmaid cabinets. We provide the complete range of products which can be found at the Kraftmaid(.com) website along with a wide selection of attractive kitchen counter tops. We supply kitchen and bathroom cabinets throughout San Francisco Bay area and represent Kraftmaid exclusively, as our chosen supplier of quality cabinetry.
Buying kitchen cabinets and accessories in the bay area of California offers a number of options and buying challenges. You can of course go to the larger chains such as Lowes Hardware, and make your selections and purchases there. However, this isn’t always the most sensible or cost effective solution for your cabinet purchase. Though Lowes (and other chains) are Kraftmaid dealers, their staff may not have the requisite level of expertise to assist you in identifying the best cabinet range for your situation. At Goodlife, we sit down with you and go through the physical constraints of your kitchen or bathroom layout and identify problem areas before they become problematic. Our expertise in this regard extends to over 30 years of experience in planning and designing new kitchen projects, on two continents.

It should also be noted that even though the large chains may carry some basic items, your order will still be placed on the Kraftmaid factory and you’ll still have to arrange for transportation of the cabinets to your home. We can take care of this aspect for you and offer the same lead-times on cabinets from Kraftmaid as offered through the large stores. Where we are different however is on price. Quite simply, we’ll beat any recent quote from an authorized Kraftmaid dealer in the SF Bay area. Just send us the quote and we’ll work out a better price for you.

Of course a kitchen wouldn’t be complete without countertops, to that end we have access to a wide range of counter tops in a wide assortment of materials and finishes, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Ceramic Tile
  • and more.

We also offer our local customers the option of design and remodeling services. As a licensed contractor we can undertake your entire kitchen remodel and ensure that all services and contractors are coordinated so your project is finished to your satisfaction and on time.

Our scope of services include –

  • Kitchen Planning
  • Kitchen Design
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Installation / Designs

On our remodeling projects we take care of all services such as plumbing, electrics, ventilation / extraction, lighting etc.
The pitfalls of managing a remodeling project yourself, even if you have the plans professionally created, are in the overseeing and coordination of the various contractors who will need to be involved in the project. For example, if your remodel involves the removal of walls, an electrical contractor and a plumber may be required to make safe the services on the wall before the construction contractor can carry out the work. It’s important to coordinate this type of activity so that you’re not paying for people to arrive, who on arrival, find that they cannot complete the task as other tasks have not been performed ahead of time. This is basic planning for an experience contractor but can be quite daunting and stressful if your should choose to go it alone.
Also, if you’re a handy person and you fancy your chances at the DIY route, give careful consideration to what tasks you can legally perform and what you cannot. When planning permits are issued in certain States, they require that the work is undertaken by licensed contractors. Failing to meet these requirements can land you in trouble, particularly if you should require an insurance claim at some point in the future.
So be sensible about researching what’s involved and understand your own restrictions and limitations.

Another aspect of your project, one which really sets the tone for the project as a whole, is the planning stage. We generally find that older kitchens were not laid out to make the best utilization of the space available. Rarely do we see a simple cabinet replacement as the best option, particularly in older homes. So it’s important to be able to look at the space and identify simple changes that can open up new cabinet areas, increased counter top space, more room for appliances and a more efficient flow to the layout. This is where the eyes of a trained professional really pay off. At Goodlife, we’ve remodeled hundreds, if not thousands of kitchens and bathrooms, some involving extensive remodels and others just basic cabinetry and counter top replacement. We can take a look at your space and tell you in just a few minutes how it can be optimized to enhance th way you utilize your kitchen. Where budgets are tight, we can balance the need to rework and reposition room elements with cost, and make sure that we operate well within your given budget.
Of course it helps that our cabinet supplier of choice is Kraftmaid. They provide a semi-custom approach to cabinet manufacture, ensuring that sizes are available is small incremental changes, to ensure a ‘stock’ cabinet is available for just about any scenario. When we need to modify a cabinet for sizing issues, we can do so quickly and efficiently working with the versatile and well constructed Kraftmaid lines.

Lastly, it’s important to look after your new investment. With Kraftmaid you’ll have the peace of mind of being enrolled in their ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ program, as long as you purchase through an authorized dealer. This will guarantee your cabinets against material and workmanship defects for as long as you own them. Follow the Kraftmaid care guide and your new installation will last through a lifetime of wear and tear! (Don’t forget to download a free copy of our Planning Guide, which includes a section on caring for your new cabinets).