Custom Cabinets San Francisco

At Goodlife we handle many requests for custom cabinets. Kitchen, bathroom and utility cabinets are our most requested items, and many people assume that custom sizes are necessary. This may be the case with certain cabinet suppliers, but with KraftMaid it’s the exception and not the rule.
Kraftmaid provide a semi-custom approach, which means in 9 out of 10 of the cases we can find a standard sized cabinet to fit, where working with other suppliers, a custom solution would be necessary. This gives us great flexibility when planning a kitchen layout and also saves you, the customer, a great deal of money.

Building custom cabinets is a costly endeavor involving skilled labor, custom jigs and specially ordered materials. It’s better to start with the basic layout of your kitchen then work out ways to optimize the fit. At Goodlife we utilize software to help us plan the layouts and allow you to visualize a finished kitchen design. Our software then calculates the cabinet requirements based on standard available sizes, providing the most cost-effective layout solution for your space.

For semi custom cabinets in San Francisco, including custom counter tops, contact us today.